Spring Dreaming: Petit Vour March Box

I think I was psychically channeling Petit Vour about this month’s picks. Two of the items are things that I had really been wanting. To be more specific, in the week before I got this box, I noted aloud that I wanted two of these (nonspecific to the brand) things. One week later, those things were on my doorstep. Thank you, Petit Vour for tuning in to our little subconscious cosmic exchange!

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Petit Vour Februrary Box

The end of February came around really fast. I was away from home, and my box was waiting for me for a good week before I could open it. Meanwhile, I had my hands full dodging spoilers on the internet!

You see, I love surprises. Love them. I was never the kid who searched around the house for my Christmas presents. I’ve always enjoyed the excitement of receiving a surprise far more than any growing curiosity of what it might be.

The main reason I love to be surprised by my Petit Vour box is because I know I’m going to love everything. There’s no question in my mind. So, not only does curiosity have no hold over my love of surprise, but I don’t have to worry about being disappointed by the contents either. You know how it goes. You order something and wait and wait for it to arrive only for it to not live up to expectations. That, friends, is not how Petit Vour operates!

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Petit Vour January Box

The Petit Vour January box was co-curated by Emily Nolan from My Kind of Life. Look at what amazing things were inside:

  • 100% Pure french lavender hand buttercream. 100% Pure is one of my favorite companies. They use really safe ingredients (like fruit to color their makeup!), they’re cruelty-free, and have some really great environmental practices. They’re not 100% vegan, though most of their products are. I own this hand buttercream in another scent, and love how soft it makes my hands feel. This lavender scent is a clean, soft floral scent. I’ve been using it a lot especially because it is the perfect size to throw in my purse, and I’ve given it to J to use several times because he has really dry skin in the winter.
  • Modern Minerals En Pointe eye shadow. This is the second modern minerals eye shadow that I’ve gotten in a Petit Vour box (and that’s a good thing). I use my other one (Vixen) quite often, and I was excited to see this when I lifted the lid of the box. What is even cooler is that the shade included (En Pointe) is a shade exclusive to Petit Vour. It is such a beautiful pink, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a ton.
  • EVOLVh leave-in conditioner. EVOLVh products are sulfate-, paraben-, and gluten-free as well as vegan, and each product is always at least 90% organic. The month before I began my Petit Vour subscription, their shampoo and conditioner were featured in the box. I heard so many raves about it, and couldn’t wait to try this brand out. I was excited to see this in the box because I was almost out of my Yarok leave-in conditioner that I had received in another box. So far, so good. This is a solid product that my hair really loves!
  • RawSkinCeuticals rose creme cheek color. RawSkinCeuticals creates chemical-free raw vegan skin products. I loved perusing their site to see what kinds of products they have, and they offer skin care and makeup samplers which is so helpful. When I unscrewed the lid and saw a muted lilac color within, I was slightly hesitant to use it. The trick is to use a tiny, tiny bit. It adds just a hint of color and though it’s not my favorite blush, I do like it. I think it would look best on me with a very soft, natural makeup look, nothing too flashy. I think it pairs with En Pointe really well, too.

I’ve just received my February box in the mail (boy, time flies), but I haven’t yet opened it. With this review wrapped up, I’m off to look at February’s treasures!

All-Natural Vegan Skincare Routine

I’ve been fortunate throughout my life to have clear skin. A breakout here and there? Sure. However, there wasn’t a time in which I felt the need to use anything more than water to splash my face off or layer on the lotion. Now that I’m getting a bit older, I’m starting to think about maintaining the beautiful skin that I’ve been blessed with. Sometimes it’s drier or duller than I’d like, and I want to stay my youthful self.

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Review: Well Scent Essential Oil Blends

When I visit Rosemary, a family friend and my favorite massage therapist, I like to explore her giant carrying case of essential oils. Until recently, my knowledge of them has been limited, but my curiosity has always been high. Through this treasure trove of sacred oils, I discovered my love of red mandarin oil, the complex sensuality of ylang ylang, and the deep soulfulness of frankincense. This exploration awakened my latent interest, sparking into a new passion for me.

I think I share similarities with others who are interested in essential oils but haven’t taken steps forward to learn more: 1) I felt overwhelmed by all the choices and didn’t know where to start. 2) I had a lot of other interests I was already invested in at any given time. 3) They are a serious monetary investment if you want the good stuff. And believe me, you want the good stuff!

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