Whirl Magazine’s Chef’s Best Dish 2015

If you browse through Whirl‘s November issue with all of their best – prominently animal-based – dish picks, you wouldn’t think that it’s an event that a vegan would be interested in attending. Well this always curious vegan right here got all decked out in her Vaute Couture and headed to the Circuit Center and Ballroom in the South Side to check it out!

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Pittsburgh VegFest Epic Recap 2/2: The Food

If you missed my part one of my VegFest recap all about community, click through here!

Being vegan for so long and living in a city that until semi-recently had limited options for vegans, I’m not used to having choices when dining out. Even now, depending on where I’m at, I might have to settle for a side salad and baked potato, or there will be one or two vegan possible dishes to choose from. So, when I was beckoned by booth after booth of the most amazing vegan food, I didn’t know how to choose!

Some of our spoils

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