Pear Orange Smoothie Inspired By An Organic Avenue Juice

A few weeks ago, I was getting out my ingredients for a smoothie and noticed that I didn’t have a ton of fruit options. My frozen fruit stash was dwindling, and my bananas weren’t ripe yet. Familiar story. This is how I always come up with new and exciting combos. I did, however, have oranges (a staple for me in the winters) and a few ripe red anjou pears. I thought to myself, “I don’t know if I’ll like orange and pear together, but I’ll give it a go!” Continue reading

Autumn Apple Pie Green Smoothie, A Smoothie for Colder Weather

When the colder weather arrives, there’s one health-related question I hear more than most: How can you drink smoothies in the fall and winter? Usually, the person is also silently asking how it is that they can manage to drink one in the winter, too, without feeling like an icicle. I can give some answers to this, but I think one must also consider why it is they want the smoothie in the first place. There are three major reasons that smoothies are a go-to breakfast choice for people: Continue reading

"Everything’s Golden" Regenerative Green Drink

When I was new to the raw food lifestyle, one of the most common debates I came across was the smoothie vs. juice one. Which one is better for detoxification? Which one is healthier? Which one will make you live into the hundreds? Some people swore by juicing, others swore it off. I always march to the beat of my own drum, and so I became both a seasoned juicer and avid smoothie maker. There are days that I make a juice followed by a smoothie. Sometimes, I can’t fathom going a single day without 32 ounces of green juice. Other times, I don’t touch a juice for weeks. The rhythms of the body change with each moment, and it is wise to tune into what it is asking for.Here are a few differences between smoothies and juices:

Continue reading

Silky Smooth Mango Banana Green Pudding

I like my smoothies to be fairly thick; I more often eat them with a spoon than drink them through a straw. Usually I rely on various food powders and frozen fruit to thicken it up, but frozen fruit isn’t exactly what I crave when it’s 15 degrees outside.One day, I set out to make a smoothie with a luscious, creamy consistency. What resulted was this pudding.  Mango, banana, and chia are all useful for adding body to foods. Add them all together, and bam!, creamy dreamy pudding.

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