Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

Oh my. These kale chips are amazing.I picked them up at a little health food store in the Pittsburgh suburbs. I was drawn in when my eye caught the words “mango” and “habanero”. This flavor is unique to other kale chip offerings, and I love mangoes and heat. I really couldn’t go wrong with this one.

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Celebrate National Kale Day with a Cajun Kale Salad

Happy National Kale Day to all of my fellow kale-obsessed vegans out there! I thought I’d drop in today to give you a recipe for this awesome kale salad I made last week. It is so quick to put together and only needs a few ingredients.

This beautiful cherry tomato medley was my inspiration for this recipe. The dark green kale made a nice complementary backdrop to the lively colors of the tomatoes, and I was able to squeeze a few more tomatoes into my diet before they disappeared for the season. Continue reading

Eat Your Greens on St. Patrick’s Day: Double Dose o’ Kale Salad

Considering all of the indulgences associated with St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d offer up some lighter fare; a dish that is every bit as celebratory without the dehydration and crash associated with excess alcohol and sugar. This hearty salad is made of a wealth of green foods including nutritional powerhouses like kale, avocado, and parsley.

As I was making my green juice the other morning, I became curious about blending the juice with avocado. I know this is a thing that people do, but I always thought that if I’m going to add fat and fiber, I may as well just make a smoothie instead of a juice. When I blended it up though, it was so creamy and smooth. It was very light, too. I totally get why avocado is a popular add-in at juice bars. I was going to drink it, but because of its thickness I thought it would work well as a salad dressing. It worked beautifully! And because my juice had kale in it, you’re getting an extra dose of kale in the salad!

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