Pittsburgh VegFest Epic Recap 2/2: The Food

If you missed my part one of my VegFest recap all about community, click through here!

Being vegan for so long and living in a city that until semi-recently had limited options for vegans, I’m not used to having choices when dining out. Even now, depending on where I’m at, I might have to settle for a side salad and baked potato, or there will be one or two vegan possible dishes to choose from. So, when I was beckoned by booth after booth of the most amazing vegan food, I didn’t know how to choose!

Some of our spoils

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Strip District Food Haul: Lotus Food + Soyrizo Tacos from Edgar’s

My love and I recently went to the Strip District for 2 things: sriracha and tacos. We both had the afternoon off and thought getting our errands done and getting to walk outside on a warm, beautiful day sounded like the perfect way to spend it.

We forgot that this past weekend was St. Patrick’s Day, so we were surprised by how many people were out and by how hard it was to find a parking space. People were stealing parking spaces from under us with such determination that I almost thought I was at Whole Foods. Hahaha!

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CSA Spoils

¬†Gloriousness. Mountains of gloriousness.This is our second year participating in a CSA. If you don’t know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, you pay the farmer for a “share” of the season’s produce. As a CSA member, barring farming catastrophes like drought, you get to enjoy the abundance of freshly-picked fruits and vegetables all season long! Since my grandparents’ gardens are a thing of the past and I have yet to start a garden of my own, these weekly CSA boxes are the next best thing. And, since I’m such a salad freak, the first couple weeks are always my favorite. Greens, greens, and more greens.

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