Nov and Dec favorites

The holiday season may be over, but I’m still reveling in the merriment of it all. We still have our Christmas lights up, too – the yearly battle of getting J to agree that it’s time to take them down has yet to begin –, and despite my continuing health ups and downs, I have so much to be thankful for lately.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, but simply a sharing of my very favorite things of this month. If I ever feature a sponsored product, it will be clearly stated. Enjoy!

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary:

My bff Odessa

My bff Odessa

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Our Best Vegan Thanksgiving Yet

Usually we have 2 family Thanksgivings, one with J’s family and one with mine. This year though, we only had one dinner (with my family) that was sandwiched between visiting J’s family and some of my extended family. It was a full day to say the least.

J and I did most of our food prep on Wednesday, while dancing and singing to some 90’s alternative (nostalgia) and tunes from our regular rotation. Since we weren’t cooking for 2 dinners and we simplified our menu in general, it was nice to take our time and enjoy cooking together.

As with last year, about 1/2 of us at the table partook in the vegan Thanksgiving food and the other half had the turkey and nonvegan stuffing plus some of the vegan food.

The rundown:amuse buche

We started with an amuse bouche which was my ginger kuri pudding with granola and pomegranate seeds. Think of it as pumpkin pie but better. Continue reading

Happy Puppiversary: 4 Years with the Furbaby

All day long, I said to Tucker, “It’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want!”, and based on his actions, I honestly think he understood me. Brat!tucker the dogThe night before, the three of us piled into bed for story time — J, Tuck, and I — and we fell asleep cuddling and whispering (Tucker makes it known that he wants quiet when it’s bedtime. A riot, he is), reminiscing about these past 4 years with our baby. So many bad things in these past 4 years have made adopting this angel that much more incredible. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Baby: Camping At Ohiopyle

Monday morning. Our last day of camping. I woke up as the sun was filtering through the leaves and dancing on the dirt beneath them. J was already up and retrieving water. It was quiet and I could hear the our new deer friends foraging through the empty campsite beside ours. I sat down with my gratitude journal as I do every morning, opened it up, and penned on the top right corner, “27 July, 2015”. Gasp.

peaceful ohiopyleIt was our anniversary! I thought, perhaps J planned this on purpose. When he came back, water in hand, I smiled, kissed him, and asked him if he remembered. Nope. He said, “Do I need a reason to do something special with you?” Continue reading

Meatless Monday: Vegan in Ohiopyle

A  couple weekends ago, we packed up the car and drove to Ohiopyle for 3 days of nature immersion and camping fun. Ohiopyle is about 1 1/2 hours from the city, but it’s very secluded. We made sure to pack all of our food essentials before leaving, but even in a small town in the mountains, we were able to find vegan food at a cafe!

For breakfasts, J made his coffee over the fire and we ate granola with almond milk and fresh cherries. If we were still hungry, there were also some oranges. Don’t you wish you could eat this. here. everyday?

granola and fruitFor lunch, we packed brown rice wraps, hummus, veggies (cukes, carrots, red pepper, and mixed greens), food bars (I’m digging Go Macro bars and the 22 days nutrition bars), and more cherries and oranges. Cherries have been my jam this summer! Continue reading