Review: Well Scent Essential Oil Blends

When I visit Rosemary, a family friend and my favorite massage therapist, I like to explore her giant carrying case of essential oils. Until recently, my knowledge of them has been limited, but my curiosity has always been high. Through this treasure trove of sacred oils, I discovered my love of red mandarin oil, the complex sensuality of ylang ylang, and the deep soulfulness of frankincense. This exploration awakened my latent interest, sparking into a new passion for me.

I think I share similarities with others who are interested in essential oils but haven’t taken steps forward to learn more: 1) I felt overwhelmed by all the choices and didn’t know where to start. 2) I had a lot of other interests I was already invested in at any given time. 3) They are a serious monetary investment if you want the good stuff. And believe me, you want the good stuff!

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August Petit Vour Box

So, you’ve seen me sing the praises of Petit Vour, as a company and for their beauty boxes. It’s definitely fun to get a box of surprises in the mail every month. I admit though that I was a bit worried about what the August box would look like since the July box had my favorite everything in it. Had the bar been set too high?

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