Pittsburgh VegFest Epic Recap 1/2: The Community

One thing that I’ve vowed to do more of since my health has become more stable is to spend more time interacting with the local vegan community. When I’m around other vegans, I have a distinct feeling of “home”. It’s all so very high vibe. I never felt it so strongly as I felt when I attended the Main Street Vegan Academy and was around a whole spectrum of vegan awesomeness for an entire week, but I also felt that strong magic in the air at Pittsburgh VegFest; I’m still buzzing!

Pittsburgh VegFest was the first vegan event I’ve attended in far too long. I hate to feel so disconnected! Once I heard about it, I was determined to 1) keep my schedule clear and 2) have enough energy to enjoy it to its fullest. Mission accomplished, folks! Continue reading


A Call to Action: Mother’s Day For All Mothers

While it’s wonderful and so vital to immerse ourselves in love and gratitude and to fully enjoy our family time during holidays, I am never forgetting the animals. It goes beyond bringing vegan food to share or displaying message wear. This past weekend we celebrated mothers, for their strength, perseverance, invulnerable love, fierce protectiveness, and every other exquisite trait of those who have brought forth life since the dawn of time.

But all of these traits that we find admirable in our mothers are present in other mothers, too. They’re in the mama cows that wail for their stolen calves, the mama pigs that fight with all they’ve got to protect their babes, the mama dogs that sustain burns as a result of rescuing their little ones from house fires. The love of mothers is all around us, and yet this love is most often made invisible to continue brutal businesses in the name of taste, fashion, and status. Only on occasion, stories like the mama pup heroes make the headlines, and everyone coos over them like it’s such an anomaly. News flash, it’s not! Continue reading

Happy Earth Day!

It’s that day again. Every year, we dedicate this day to our love for Mother Earth, to our commitment to preserving the beauty, diversity, and awesome miracle that is the life of, and the life on, this planet.Today, people talk about buying a new reusable water bottle, walking instead of driving, or planting a tree. All of these things are wonderful, and we should be doing these things, but I often wonder…why stop there? Why not make every day Earth Day?

By going vegan you can do just that. Every time I eat a meal, I am making a conscious choice to conserve. I am choosing not to take part in the most egregious destruction of our earth. By eating vegan, I am standing against the violence inherent in animal food production, including that which is inflicted upon our living earth.

Additional ways that vegans can help the environment: Continue reading