My Story

Veganism saved my heart. Raw foods restored my health. Mindfulness soothed my soul.


Self-discovery is not for the faint of heart! My awakenings have come in waves throughout my life, and at the backbone of them all was veganism. Veganism – not alone, but as a driving force – has continually inspired me to create a more genuine life that resonates with my true nature.

Though there were many moments in my childhood in which my deeply compassionate side shone through, it wasn’t until I went vegetarian – vegan soon after – at 14 that I began to feel at home within myself. Learning about veganism opened the doors to other social justice issues; acknowledging my connection to animals led me to realize my connection to all life and to the universe itself. Talk about a mind-expansive revelation!

My evolution continued slowly for 12 more years until a bed-ridden illness knocked me down hard. It was a time of questioning: my life, my beliefs, my path, my veganism, my everything. Frustrated with the medical system that was failing me, I took my fate into my own hands. Through the sheer will to survive and the guidance of my intuition, I discovered the power of healing plant foods, non-toxic living, and mindfulness practices. I slowly felt life returning to my body, in some ways shattering my previous beliefs about the limits of my health.

The first time the fog of my chronic fatigue lifted, I saw a purpose before me, as if it had been there all along just waiting for me to step out into the clear air. Teaching has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and I’ve taken that role in many iterations during my life. In all my excitement, I want to share with the world what I’ve learned during my healing. I obtained my certification in vegan lifestyle coaching from the Main Street Vegan Academy in 2013, and I feel honored to be able to serve others in such an impactful way.