2 Essentials for New Year’s Resolution Success

As another year draws to a close, I am carving out time to reflect on the past year, set intentions for the coming year, and choose a word or words as my focus for 2017.

New Year’s resolutions are a cool concept, but most people lose steam a couple weeks in. I’ve found there are two constants that, before I even take any concrete steps, must be in place to keep my intentions rolling along.


The first constant is that I see change as a long-term deal. This way, I’m not hurrying to accomplish the goal right away. When I did my “100 days of meditation” challenge, I didn’t force myself to meditate a set amount of time everyday. 20-30 minutes was my goal, but I started with as little as 5 minutes a day. If your goal is to start exercising or doing yoga, jumping right in with 45 minute sessions may not be the best way to begin for you. Many factors come into play, so tuning into yourself is important. And of course if you want to jump right in and it’s working, by all means keep going! The purpose of this one is avoid the shock of change and allow yourself time to adjust so that your intention is more seamlessly integrated.

The second constant builds off of the first. I don’t think of my intentions as one thing that I’m changing. I see each one as a stepping off point to a more amazing life. As we grow and evolve, there are always further changes that we can take after we implement the first. Some examples are:

  • After becoming familiar with general meditation: learn to incorporate yoga sequences in for a moving meditation; use singing bowls for additional healing, calming benefit; try group meditations with loved ones.
  • Once the switch to vegan food is fully introduced: veganize clothing items; cut down on plastic waste; read about how the growing and production of plant foods can exploit humans, the environment, and animals, and learn about ways to feed oneself while not supporting these industries (or, more realistically, supporting them less).
  • If you’ve given up a bad habit, think of dropping another unhealthy habit that can bring happiness, light, and fulfillment into your life. Usually the habits we try to quit first are the hardest. Once they’re conquered, harness that personal power to make other changes you can be proud of.

To recap:

1. A resolution/intention/etc is a change that will continually refine, so take your time and, 2. A resolution/intention/etc is one change in a line of many that will strengthen your foundation, build you up. Be open to next steps and never stop exploring.

With these concepts firmly in mind, I can then move on to how exactly I’ll go about enacting the changes I want.

Speaking of, my most recent post on Chic Vegan is all about how to go (and stay!) vegan in the New Year. Hop on over to read my 6 tips for vegan success.

Lastly, because I’d love to help you succeed with your New Year goals, I am offering 15% off of my coaching packages for new clients up until Jan 20. Check out my coaching page for more information or email me at Marissa@veganandbeyondcoaching.com.

Love and light to you all in the New Year!


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