Where I Am Now + My Feature in Edible Allegheny

Hi, all!

It’s been pleasantly productive over here with an abundance of fulfilling work being done, but oh how I’ve missed spending time on this blog. I haven’t even written about my word of the year/yearly focus as I did with last years “soften,” which was only the first of three words that fostered my personal evolution in 2015.

While 2015 was centered inward, 2016 has been all about branching out beyond myself. While I am still very much immersed in my own path to higher consciousness, I’ve been opening myself to new opportunities — always say yes! — and spending time with people who are all about building supportive communities. For my physical healing journey (cfs is tiring, y’all…understatement!), it’s been a new challenge in finding balance. But this outward shift has nourished me with a sense of connection and a lot of love which is so essential to well-being, too.

edible heal thy life

In just one recent example of expanding beyond my inner work and reaching out to community, I have been featured in Edible Allegheny‘s March issue. Rachel Jones interviewed me for their “Heal Thy Life” feature, which is Editorial Director Christine McMahon Tumpson’s play on “healthy life,” revealing a depth of meaning that the original phrase hides in plain sight. I love the concept and was thrilled to be featured. In addition to talking about my coaching practice and personal philosophies, I have 2 recipes featured as well: a beet salad and a fennel apple orange juice with mint.

Now that I’m getting into the (newest) groove of my ever-changing life, I’m hoping to spend more time on here once again. If there is any topic you’d love to see me tackle here, comment below or reach out via email or social media, and I’ll cover it in an upcoming post!


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