Thoughts on Living My Purpose

Hello, friends!

I’m wrapped in a robe and snuggled up with the furbaby today. Winter finally has a firm grasp on us. I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled. I love glistening snowscapes and crisp morning walks, but these negative temperatures are huge energy-robbers for chronic fatigue. So, mixed feelings. It’s an army of essential oils, potent plant foods, herbal support, and green juices over here. Nevertheless, my hibernation tendencies have kicked in. I’ve cozied into this extra quiet time with loving focus on inner healing and creative expression, and it feels so good.

You know those moments when synchronicities are coming left and right, and inspiration is rolling as freely as perfect poetry does from the tip of your tongue? Oh, I’m so there right now.

As I grow my business, I am always thinking about what my purpose means to me. I have a featured story in Victoria Moran‘s The Good Karma Diet in which I write about the cyclical nature of karma and how my past led me to my purpose: helping others along their compassion-filled wellness journeys. So, yay, I found my purpose after years of soul searching. Right? Well…

This popular article from Kris Carr touches on some big ideas that I’ve been mulling over such as: What is my purpose really, and why have I always defined it externally? Even though I find fulfillment in what I do and experience joy unparalleled to any other time in my life, who says that I have to wrap my purpose in such a neat little box?

I’m a person who likes movement, expansion, change for the sake of change. I was never cut out for the high school –> college –> this is your profession forever thing. Though I am an artsy girl through and through – and math is the scourge of humanity –, I still have dreams of weaving nutrition science, physics, and wildlife biology into my path someday. Never-ending curiosity is vital to feeling fully alive. To settle in on one purpose would be stifling to say the least.

The paths that I have chosen, before and after the professed purpose finding, have not just brought me fulfillment in an external sense, but have enriched me from the inside out. And the more I learn about myself, the more I understand, and relate to, the world. To expand upon this, I am breaking down barriers constructed as the illusion of separateness.

As these thoughts came forth, I decided to cease phrasing it as finding my purpose and begin saying that I’m living my purpose. I embody my purpose and it radiates outward; it is not something I need to search for in the ambiguous separateness of “out there.” No matter where life takes me, I’ll still have it.

It’s not a lost-and-found or found-and-lost situation. It’s always there, ready and waiting for us to tune in to ourselves.

I’m excited by how my ideas on the subject are manifesting. There’s an air of promise. I can feel it. How about you? I’d love to hear what you think!


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