My Vegan Coaching Gift to You

Hello everyone! As 2015 winds down, I take time to reflect on another year passed. I think about who I’ve become, all I’ve accomplished, and where I’ve come short. What a wild one. How about you?


While the New Year is an arbitrary division of time (all is connected!), I never refuse an opportunity to discover more of myself, learn from the past, and dream big for the future. I also look for people that I can reach out to, people who will help me to grow in ways that I seek. Having new friends, business partnerships, and mentors is important for growth.

I know that many of you have resolutions for 2016 like:

  • making healthier eating choices,
  • losing or gaining weight to feel more comfortable in your body,
  • choosing to live more mindfully, or
  • living more in harmony with nature.

I have been so touched by hearing people’s fearless, heart-centered resolutions in these past weeks that I’m inspired to offer a gift to new clients: Contact me before January 10 for 20% off my coaching packages.

This is for those of you who want to go vegan for animals, to choose plants for vitality, do their part to save the planet, find peace in a chaotic world. I started Vegan and Beyond Lifestyle Coaching to be a source of guidance for you. If that is what you need as we embark on 2016, please reach out and begin the year with unbridled hope and possibility!



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