Happy Puppiversary: 4 Years with the Furbaby

All day long, I said to Tucker, “It’s your birthday, you can do whatever you want!”, and based on his actions, I honestly think he understood me. Brat!tucker the dogThe night before, the three of us piled into bed for story time — J, Tuck, and I — and we fell asleep cuddling and whispering (Tucker makes it known that he wants quiet when it’s bedtime. A riot, he is), reminiscing about these past 4 years with our baby. So many bad things in these past 4 years have made adopting this angel that much more incredible.

yellow treesFirst stop: La Gourmandine for baguettes. Bread is his favorite food. No joke. He will pass up any meat (thank goodness) in favor of bread. The only time he’s torn into our trash was for discarded bread. He’s known to the city birds as the “bread bandit” because he steals all the bread people put out for them. Ok, so I don’t know that the birds call him that, but I bet they do.

tuck baguetteUp next, off-leash park wanders. On the way, we stopped to see his mechanic friends (best friends) so that he could get treats, and one of them drove around the block with us to assess whether a weird car noise needed to be fixed. To Tucker though, it was a special little ride all for his enjoyment!

off leash tuckHe’s not always in a listening mood, but when he’s being very well behaved, we let him off leash so that he can wander ahead of us — just not too far ahead! Since he’s a beagle, he takes particular pleasure in being able to roam and sniff the woodland scents. Even though beagles are prone to wander and get lost, he doesn’t like us being out of his sight, so we trust him enough to be off-leash in certain places.rainbow leavesWe stopped at Conflict Kitchen for lunch on our way home so that we could enjoy the beautiful fall day a while longer. Our food was so good. One of my favorite Indian dishes is bhindi masala and this was like the Cuban version of the same thing (okra, tomatoes, onions) served with rice and beans, plantain dumplings, and a fresh, crunchy slaw. Tuck loves to people watch, so even though this was a stop for us, he still thought it was about him. Oh, Tuck!conflict kitchenJ and I left him at home for a few hours to attend a potluck (sorry, Tucker!), but when we came home we went on a long night time walk around the neighborhood. We used to do this as a family on every summer night around sunset, but now that it’s colder and dark by 6, we don’t always. J is the designated night time walker, so when Tuck sees that I’m coming along, he starts jumping around and getting excited. He’s the best.tucker leavesTuck was sleepy from his hike and long walks, so he slept in the next day like the little old man that he is. He’s been with us almost as long as he was with his other family, and still he fears abandonment. I wish there was a way to tell him that we will never abandon him because this is his home and it will be forever.


3 thoughts on “Happy Puppiversary: 4 Years with the Furbaby

  1. Lauren B says:

    Awww, little bread bandit! Happy “Gotcha” Day, Tucker! We miss you all and send lots of puppy love! ❤ ❤


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