Vegan Brunch at Amazing Cafe

Sleepless nights and blurry days. I’ve been having trouble getting enough sleep. Tucker has had an upset tummy these past 2 weeks which mean sometimes he needs a late night grass snack to soothe the discomfort. Usually J and I take turns with the sick puppy episodes, but it’s been all falling on me due to J’s demanding schedule. I’ve been implementing a pretty good — if I do say so myself — wind down routine in the evenings, so that’s been some relief. But now that Tuck is on the mend, I’ve had anxieties to tend to which have again cursed my once dream-filled nights.

amazing cafe wallsEarly Sunday morning, not long before the sun would creep through our blinds and cast rays of light across our floor, I’m still awake — tossing about with the occasional spritz of Rescue Remedy, wondering why my guided sleep meditations weren’t working. I got the sudden craving for an acai bowl, no doubt the desire for nourishment and wellness support in some form if it would not come by sleep. I recalled how badly I’ve been wanting to try the food at Amazing Cafe in the South Side and made the decision that I’d either invite people to come along with me (later) in the morning or go to Whole Foods and get ingredients to make my own acai bowls at home.

amazing cafe

Amazing Cafe is situated inside of the Amazing Yoga studio. From their mission statement:

We believe in serving only the most healthy and freshest food available. We look forward to providing you with delicious and nourishing meals using only foods that are free from man-made chemicals, GMOs(genetically engineered foods). Everything we make is made from fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and whole grains. We use local farmers as much as possible to ensure that you have the freshest food available.

When I heard about them, read this, and then saw all of their mouthwatering pictures on Instagram, I knew I’d have to go. The only thing that has kept me from going sooner is their prices. They’re a bit higher than some other vegan-friendly restaurants, and I was unsure of how filling the portion sizes would be. Since I don’t dine out much anyway, it took being up for two weeks and craving an acai bowl to get me there! Silver lining of my sleeplessness perhaps?!

grandma and meEven though I keep mentioning my need for acai, I didn’t end up getting the acai bowl. I invited my grandma (89-years-young and a lover of vegan food) to come along. She and I, along with my dad, decided to order 3 different dishes and share so that we could sample a variety of their offerings. I generally like to keep my smoothie meals and denser/cooked meals separate, so I’ll have to come back sometime to see how their acai bowl stacks up against my own!

Of course, being loopy-headed and fatigued, I needed to start my meal off with a small green juice (shown further down in the post). The Clean Green juice has: kale, apple, lime, cucumber, celery, and ginger. Good vibes. We also got a pot of chai to share and it came in this beautiful kettle. The chai was luscious and aromatic. A really good cuppa.

chai teapotFor our mains, we split Summer Harvest (garlicky chickpea, kale, and spaghetti squash with vegan cashew ricotta), gluten-free Peace Pizza (tomato sauce, olive tapenade, pesto, chopped veggies, salad greens), and Tulum Tacos (don’t know all the ingredients exactly but I think it was oven-roasted veggies, tempeh, mushrooms, potatoes, salsa, greens, cashew sauce).amazing cafe meal

Summer Harvest had a pleasant crunch and was the perfect light meal to eat on a hot day. My grandma couldn’t get enough of the cashew ricotta.

summer harvest bowlThe Peace Pizza was super saucy, bursting with flavor, and had a delicious ratio of raw to cooked ingredients.

peace pizzaThe Tulum Tacos were savory, earthy, and comforting.

tulum tacosFor dessert we tried 2 donuts from Gluten Free Goat, a local gluten-free, soy-free, vegan bakery: lavender lemon and apple cinnamon. The lavender lemon was dense, cakey, and had a lovely, light flavor. It was incredible dunked into my chai.

lavender lemon donut

The apple cinnamon was moist and airy with a nice crumb. It reminded me of coffee cake. I didn’t dunk this one. It was perfect as is.

apple cinnamon donutThe entree portions were generous and filling. We all left slightly stuffed and extremely satisfied. It’s still on the splurgier side of things for me, but I’m already plotting my next visit. I’m eyeing their mocha because the ingredients sound so creamy and rich —  even though caffeine isn’t my friend, I love the flavor of coffee and every so often I like to have a treat, almost always shared –, acai bowl, kindness (potato hash), and the buddha burger and french toast for J. Ok, I just rattled off half of their menu, haha! If you live in Pittsburgh or are visiting or passing through, go to Amazing Cafe to nourish your body, mind, and soul. If you’re into vinyasa you can take one of their classes, too!


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