Meatless Monday: Vegan in Ohiopyle

A  couple weekends ago, we packed up the car and drove to Ohiopyle for 3 days of nature immersion and camping fun. Ohiopyle is about 1 1/2 hours from the city, but it’s very secluded. We made sure to pack all of our food essentials before leaving, but even in a small town in the mountains, we were able to find vegan food at a cafe!

For breakfasts, J made his coffee over the fire and we ate granola with almond milk and fresh cherries. If we were still hungry, there were also some oranges. Don’t you wish you could eat this. here. everyday?

granola and fruitFor lunch, we packed brown rice wraps, hummus, veggies (cukes, carrots, red pepper, and mixed greens), food bars (I’m digging Go Macro bars and the 22 days nutrition bars), and more cherries and oranges. Cherries have been my jam this summer!

For dinner the first night, we had corn on the cob and Beyond Meat beast burgers. I’ve had their sliders before, so I was surprised by how different the two tasted. I’m not sure which I like more!

beyond meat burgerOn the second day, we decided to do something a little different. We shared a wrap for lunch at The Firefly Grill.

firefly grillJ had been here once before while on a bike trip, and kept telling me that they had a really good Thai tofu wrap. It was nice to share it with him, as it’s not something I normally eat anymore. It was a really good wrap, and it’s so nice to have a place like this when you’re out and about.thai tofu wrap

On the second night, we made mountain pies for dinner with mountain pie makers we borrowed from my parents. That was always one of my favorite parts of camping. We used to make pizza ones and peach pie ones. I could never choose one, so I’d always have both. This time, we only brought pizza ingredients which consisted of Follow Your Heart provolone slices, marinara sauce, and some Tofurky Italian sausages for my boo. He hadn’t had mountain pies since he was a little kid, so this was a momentous occasion.

mountain piesIt was almost my first camping trip without s’mores because Whole Foods had a sale on vegan marshmallows and was completely sold out of them. Fortunately, our co-op had some in stock, so we swung by there to snag a bag. Phew! I don’t have any pictures because it was late, we were loopy with exhaustion, and most definitely and very deeply in the moment. We had a veritable s’mores feast and somehow still fell asleep at a decent hour. I love camping food!

The third day was nearly identical to the first. I was ravenous after such a busy couple of days, and without much food in the fridge at home, we unpacked and headed to a restaurant. Unfortunately, I was first served someone’s chicken meal and then when my food came out, I found a piece of chicken in my food. Womp womp. Nothing kills the appetite quicker than that. J finished his (fully vegan) meal, and we headed home. Back to city life!


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