My Current Herbal & Medicinal Tea Favorites

It’s Memorial Day, and people are probably thinking more about iced tea than hot tea, but there’s a place in my life for hot herbal teas, or tisanes, all year round. To me, they provide yet another healing opportunity for the body, and I never turn that down! I wanted to share some of the teas that have been helpful for me recently. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite for yourself!

herbal teaMighty Leaf Detox Tea
This is a tea that I discovered when my body was detoxing from toxic mold. I drank it often in those early days, and I still come back to it from time to time. The peppermint gives it a nice flavor and the 3 roots: dandelion, burdock, and licorice, as well as red clover and basil give it the big detox punch. When I sip on this, I visualize a grounding strength and cellular renewal.

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
This adaptogenic concoction of herb, leaf, fruit, and root is the best tasting tea, and arguably the most medicinal of this list. I really love it! It’s naturally sweet thanks to the addition luo han guo, and it features gynostemma as it’s base. It’s both uplifting and calming (a surefire formula for finding your happy place), supportive of the respiratory and digestive systems, anti-aging, and a boon to the immune system. It’s unsurprising that I’ve found this tea to be powerful in combating chronic fatigue.

Pukka Relax
This has been such a great de-stress tea for me. Chamomile, fennel, and marshmallow root form the stress-busting power trio in this tea. Chamomile can be strong for me sometimes. It can honestly knock me out, so it’s not an herb that I usually consume during the day. However, this blend works with my body very well in the daytime, and if I’m overwhelmed or stressed about anything, this one will bring me back to center.

Pukka Love
This is my sleepytime tea. Rose, chamomile, and lavender are the base of it. It’s not overly floral; it’s actually very mild in flavor. I like how subtle it is because I’m also usually massaging essential oils on myself before bedtime, so it’s not a sensory overload.

Traditional Medicinal Gas Relief
It has an unfortunate name that evokes images of people doubling over with pained expressions on their faces, but this has been my favorite tea to drink when I’m bloated. While any gastrointestinal symptoms that I suffer from are a far cry from the severe symptoms I had years ago, I still on occasion have bloating and indigestion. It usually happens in situations like when I’m coming down with a bug, feeling overly taxed emotionally, or eating way too much foccacia bread. Haha! In any case, a cup or two of this tea, one of them right before bed, helps to relieve any discomfort I am experiencing. I’d highly recommend that anyone with IBS try this tea or one like it — there are plenty of other brands and blends out there —¬† to soothe their symptoms.


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