Happy Birthday, My Love!

Yesterday, we celebrated J’s birthday. I was hoping the day would be extra special for him, and it definitely was. He’s been working so hard, and I wanted him to have a day to just relax and enjoy himself. Judging by his extra animated self and the big grin on his face all day, I’d say he had a blast!

all india buffetAfter my yoga class, I took him out to get the lunch buffet at All India. It was our first time there, and he’s crazy about it now! They have clearly marked vegan items on their menu. It is so awesome to take the guess work out of it. A lot of it was fried, and my stomach was a bit finicky for a while afterwards, but all of the food was really flavorful and delicious.

star trek birthday

This card was made for J

J has a crazy schedule for the next several weeks, so he took the afternoon to relax, nap, and work on some independent projects — his idea of leisure. So cute!

Soon enough, friends were showing up with food and drink, the grill was going, and Tucker was running from person to person, demanding to be pet and trying to sneak food off of people’s plates.

white chocolate cheesecakeI still haven’t gotten the hang of hosting a party and taking nice pictures to document. So, there’s no pictures of dinner, but I did manage to get a quick snap of this beautiful white chocolate lemon cheesecake before assembling the candles and presenting it to the birthday guy. We had so many people show up that I almost didn’t have enough cake! Luckily everyone got a nice piece, and the compliments flew in. If you’re into easy-to-prepare no-bake vegan desserts, I’d highly recommend this one!

Once the guests left, I put on some fun music, and danced and sang the clean-up away. Kind of like Cinderella, but without the animals (whose help I would have gladly accepted. lol.) While I did that, Tucker moped in a way more serious than I’ve ever seen before. It’s so funny how sad he gets when company leaves. I only say that because he almost constantly has company and acts like it’s the end of the world each time they leave. He’s so spoiled. And the picture below? Yeah, he never lays there or lays like that. Spoiled!

sad tucker

What’s your favorite kind of cake to make for birthdays?


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