What I Ate Wednesday: Mother’s Day Edition

I can’t stop taking pictures of flowers. J thinks it’s gotten a bit absurd (in a cute way!), but I’m listening to what makes my heart sing. I’m sure it has something to do with being in a city that’s so cloudy and dark for most of the year, and the joy I feel since another desolate winter has finally ended. I need a kaleidoscope of color to thrive!flowers1My mom always has the most beautiful flowers all around the house — in planters, hanging baskets, and in the soil. I’ve never thought of her as having a green thumb, and I’m pretty sure she’d agree with that, but she still knows enough to make it feel like a luxurious experience.

orange creamsicle

orange creamsicle smoothie to start the day

I was so grateful to spend Mother’s Day with her and with my incredible grandma. My mom has been through a lot recently, and I’m so proud of her for being strong and accepting changes with grace as they come. And my grandma, she’s always been one of my biggest inspirations. She’s embracing some changes of her own, and while I’m fairly certain that they will never fully settle in with her, she’ll always move through it with a smile. My grandma, the eternal optimist!

cherries and melonI was in a picnicking mood, so I stopped at the store and bought a bunch of food to share with everyone. For pre-dinner snacking, I bought chips and salsa, cherries, and cantaloupe. For dinner, we had Hilary’s burgers with sauteed onions, a cold asian noodle salad, and quinoa and bean salad. It was a very carbtastic meal. Nom nom nom.

I was going to buy my mom some chocolate for Mother’s Day. It may sound like a generic gift, but she’s content with what she has and is very happy to get a decadent treat as a gift. As a family we’ve been shifting more and more into the mindset of enjoying each others company as a gift. Ugh, that sounds so Full House of us, but really it’s economical, and it helps us appreciate what matters (i.e. love and not possessions). So, I guess you can call me D.J. Tanner. Whatever!

vegan cheesecake

Instead of chocolates, I decided to bring a new dessert for us all to try — a Daiya chocolate cheesecake. See, I still got the chocolate in there. And it’s a good thing I switched it up because my brother basically gave her a whole bag of chocolates! We cut a few small slices of the cheesecake for dessert, and I left the rest for her to enjoy later. We also had some So Delicious cookie dough ice cream on the side. Both desserts were gluten free, and a perfect example to point to if anyone says that gluten-free = healthy. Not always, but that’s ok.

And we’ll end with one more flower pic for good measure. These are from the lilac bushes in the backyard. They’re so fragrant!

lilac duo


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