The Endless Catalog of My Bookmarked Recipes & Jackfruit Tacos!

When I walk into the library, I usually have a list of a few books that I’d like to check out. I like to have fiction, nonfiction, and study material to cover all the bases since I am always reading more than one book at a time. It never fails that I end up getting crazy inspired while browsing the aisles and leave with an armful of books, always with a new (read: delusional) sense of confidence that I can read them all before they’re due back.

This is kind of what it’s like when I browse my favorite blogs. I get really inspired to make all of these recipes, but I don’t have the time to make them all. Between the constant stream of blog recipes and the all of the vegan recipes books coming out lately, I just can’t keep up! Plus, I’m far too intuitive of a cook to use recipes to cook from all the time. Most of the time, I like to let dishes develop organically throughout the preparation of each meal.

jackfruit asada tacos

The good part about having so many recipes I want to try is that I have choices. Also, some of them are occasion specific since I often want to make things that aren’t my normal eats with the intent of sharing with others (think cookies, cakes, and other bakery items). I have been attempting somewhat to make the most interesting recipes soon after I see them. I’ve discovered a few great ones lately that have been hits for both my partner and I.

Our favorite new recipe is hands down the Jackfruit Asada Street Tacos from Fettle Vegan. I’ve never made cooked jackfruit before, but I picked some canned, unripe jackfruit the last time I went to the Asian grocery store. I wanted to make some kind of pulled jackfruit taco/sandwich/something, but I actually forgot that I had the cans in my pantry. I forgot, that is, until I saw this Cinco de Mayo recipe pop up on my feed.

I’ve made it twice this week, and I’ve fallen in love with jackfruit even more! I made one big taco with a brown rice wrap the first time. The second time, J and I took a warm summer night’s drive to the grocery store to pick up more avocados and a package of organic corn tortillas. On both wraps these were muy delicioso! My next jackfruit experiment will come from cooking the seeds instead of discarding them from the fresh fruit. I might have to wait until I find a big jackfruit at the store so that I can have enough seeds, but that’s the plan right now!


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