Spring Forward: The April Petit Vour Box

Remember how I wrote that Petit Vour read my mind last month with some of their picks? Well, they’ve done it again! Several days before I got my box, I was picking out some nail polish. I was really in the mood for a hot pink, but the one I have was too dark. I wanted something brighter for spring. Lo and behold, I get an awesome hot pink nail polish in my box. Woohoo!petit vour april

Lauren B. Beauty nail polish in #ImsoLA. I really love this color. It was on my nails less than 12 hours after I received my box. Most of my nail polishes are more muted or pastel, but I love the boldness of this color. It matches a lot of the clothes that I’ve been drawn to wear lately, and I’ve gotten nice compliments on it. I did have a minor issue with chipping/peeling almost like the water-based polishes I have, so I’ll have to use a top coat in the future. I’m already looking at which nail color of theirs I’d like next.

Suntegrity “5 in 1” natural moisturizing face sunscreen (BB cream). I’ve used Suntegrity before and really like them. It’s really tough to find nontoxic sunscreens, though it is getting easier every year, and I love that Suntegrity’s products always rate so well on the EWG Skindeep Database. This product is filled with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, and has a light coverage. I feel good wearing this because it makes my skin look more radiant, it’s nontoxic, and it protects my skin from sun damage.

Konjac Sponge Co. konjac sponge with pink clay for tired or devitalized skin. I was really excited to see this in my box. This 100% vegetable fiber sponge cleanses, exfoliates, balances skin pH, stimulates blood flow, and promotes skin cell renewal. That’s all?! It’s also compostable which is awesome, though I do wish they gave some thought to the packaging, as putting it in plastic takes away from the whole “this is compostable and eco friendly” thing. In any case, I’m still happy to see more natural, truly natural, products for our skin!

Box Naturals Luxe Towelettes in Lavender and  Rosewater. I haven’t used these multi-purpose towelettes yet, but they’ll be a great addition to my on-the-go beauty kit. For those of  you readers who avoid phenoxyethanol (a paraben alternative that may or may not be as safe as it’s said to be), know that it is one of the ingredients in these towelettes, but overall the ingredients are really clean. The towelettes are pH balanced, biodegradable, and scented with organic essential oils.

That’s it for this month’s Petit Vour box. I’m pretty pleased with the selection! Do you have any new favorite cruelty-free beauty products that you’ve discovered recently?


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