A Trip to the Country

Some friends of ours are driving across the country, and made a stop in Pittsburgh to visit. We all met up at a friend’s house outside of the city and had a cookout. There was even a little doggie meetup because we brought Tucker to hang out with their dogs. I’d say Tucker was more interested in tracking down all the geese on the property though!


We’re lucky because Pittsburgh is the kind of city where you can drive 10 minutes out of city limits and feel like you’re in the middle of the woods. Even though it’s easy to escape the urban hustle and bustle, sometimes it’s really nice to go further out and really be out in the country. One of the best parts is that I can make new friends like these cows!

country cows

Our car was the vegan car. No one else at the house was vegan, but all of us are. We knew they were cooking out, but we didn’t think it was going to be a big thing, more like a short visit with friends we haven’t seen in a while. I came prepared with a smoothie and a juice and the others picked up some snacks at a gas station on the way.


The hosts were so thoughtful and had a huge spread of vegan-friendly foods. They served us chips, salsa, and guac to hold us over until food came off the grill. Then, they had bbq tofu, samosa burgers, pasta salad, green salad with nuts and dried fruit, really good bread for the burgers, vegetable kebabs, and couscous vegetable salad. All of us were completely stuffed afterwards.

country dog


It got really cold that night (and had been cold since. boo!), so we gathered around the firepit and enjoyed the last of the night before we packed up and headed back into the city.


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