December’s Beauty Box from Petit Vour + Vegan Beauty Review

This month’s Petit Vour beauty box, co-curated with Sunny from Vegan Beauty Review, was one of my favorites, and that’s saying a lot. As it is, I already rush to the door upon delivery and rip open the beautiful pink box every month, gushing about it’s contents. This one came right before Christmas, so it felt more season appropriate to be doing this, but still I have no shame about my beauty product-induced exhilaration.Let’s dig in, shall we?

  • Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in Just Talk to My Lawyer. This polish is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I’d been planning on painting my nails with Pacifica’s Red, Red Wine polish for the holidays, but this one was too amazing to not use. I love how it looks dark brownish with some tones of red until it hits the light and transforms into a beautiful burgundy sparkle. Other bonuses: long wear without chipping, great application and pigmentation, and 5-free.
  •  Everyday Minerals blush in All Smiles. I’m still new to non-toxic beauty, and it’s imperative that I have extra clean formulas for my health. I didn’t own any blush yet, but had been wanting to try some brands out. When my fatigue flares up, having some color on my cheeks makes me feel a little bit brighter and healthier. I’ve been using beets and lip tints, but now I have this peachy mineral blush, too. What I love most about it is that it looks so natural and compliments my skin tone really well. Everyone must be as crazy about it as I am because it’s been sold out on Petit Vour for a while. I didn’t see it listed with the matte blushes on the Everyday Minerals website, but it is included in their Beauty and the Bronzer kit.
  • Meow Meow Tweet lavender deodorant cream. I’ve heard so much about this brand, so I was happy to get to try them out. This, like the Schmidt’s one I got in an earlier box, is one of those deodorants that you need to apply with your fingers. It’s pretty easy to scoop out (hence being called “cream”), and I use the back of my nail so I don’t get any product stuck under my nail. This is a nice scent, if, like me, you don’t like smelling like a walking lavender bush. It’s a pleasant floral scent without being too intense. They have 2 other scents as well: tea tree and baking-soda free with grapefruit. It did it’s job, but didn’t last that long, especially with sweat. I’ll definitely keep it for a back-up/in my travel bag. It’s good in a pinch.
  • Blissoma‘s Smooth A+ perfecting serum. This formula is for oily, acne-prone skin, which I don’t have. However, it can also be used throughout the day as a spot treatment, which I’ve done a few times. Also, for dry problem skin, it can be used before moisturizing. I haven’t used it enough to give any useful feedback, but I am really impressed by the formulation and thorough research in creating their products. If you have problem skin, I encourage you to read the product description on their site. They explain really well why they used the ingredients that they did. I’m keeping this company in my radar in hopes to try some of their other products in the future!

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