Guest Post on the Purely Elizabeth Blog

I’m inside taking a break from the waves right now (vacation, yeah!) to tell you about a very special article I wrote for Purely Elizabeth‘s Wellness Wednesdays. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I am recovering from toxic mold, which caused havoc to my gut and adrenals. This winter, my doctor ordered some tests (ones that I’d gotten a few years back) to see if conditions in my gut were still in need of healing since I’d hit a plateau in the progress in my health.

I had doctors in the past who tried to help me with my gut healing, but I never had much luck with that. I took healing into my own hands and learned a lot along the way. When my tests came back showing that the conditions in my gut had normalized, I felt so empowered to know that I had done that on my own.

In my guest post, I’ve detailed some of the most useful tips I’ve gathered along the way in hopes that anyone out there who is struggling with IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, GERD, candida overgrowth, gut dysbiosis, or any other ailments that originate in the gut will find something of value in my discoveries and have some powerful healing of their own.

You can find my post here. I hope you enjoy it!



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