Happy Earth Day!

It’s that day again. Every year, we dedicate this day to our love for Mother Earth, to our commitment to preserving the beauty, diversity, and awesome miracle that is the life of, and the life on, this planet.Today, people talk about buying a new reusable water bottle, walking instead of driving, or planting a tree. All of these things are wonderful, and we should be doing these things, but I often wonder…why stop there? Why not make every day Earth Day?

By going vegan you can do just that. Every time I eat a meal, I am making a conscious choice to conserve. I am choosing not to take part in the most egregious destruction of our earth. By eating vegan, I am standing against the violence inherent in animal food production, including that which is inflicted upon our living earth.

Additional ways that vegans can help the environment:

  • limit the purchase of packaged vegan food items, especially those in plastic.
  • buy your food locally.
  • educate yourself about palm oil production and seek out alternatives for your diet.
  • reduce food waste by composting.
  • use your compost to enrich the soil and grow your own food.

Other fun ways to show your love for the Earth:

  • use a bike for transportation and for leisure. It’s great exercise, too!
  • use non-toxic household cleaners, laundry detergent, and personal care products.
  • buy your clothes at thrift stores. I’ve found some of my most loved clothes this way.
  • remember that “reduce” and “reuse” come before “recycle”.

The above points are made to motivate. If you don’t do any of them, don’t put pressure on yourself to incorporate everything all at once. Build it up slowly. Always do what you can. Strive for more, but don’t feel ashamed for not being perfect. No one, myself included, can claim that they are perfect. Do your best!On this Earth Day, I hold the animals in my thoughts. I keep my hopes high that, slowly but surely, people will understand what veganism means for this world and all that it holds and will adopt the diet and way of life as their own. Until then, those of us who are already vegan must understand that we humans have fears, emotional blocks, and a general aversion to discomfort. A vegan world will not happen overnight, but I am in awe to witness how many people are letting in the light.


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